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3 Day Tour of Pingyao

Pingyao ancient city, Qiao Family Compound, Town house / 3 days tour

Travel days: 3 days and 2 nights
Attractions: a city to understand the city of Shanxi

D1 at noon to arrive: stay inn;
After lunch, visit the ancient city of Pingyao: Pingyao ancient city wall - Pingyao Temple - Pingyao Temple
D2 After breakfast: Pingyao County Ya - Association Qing Village - Risheng Chang ticket number - Escort
12:00 Enjoy local snacks
After lunch: understand Pingyao intangible cultural paper-cut art, live to observe the study;
D3 After breakfast drive to Zhenguo Temple (about 30 minutes by car)

Zhenguo Temple introduction
World Cultural Heritage On December 3, 1997, the ancient city of Pingyao, together with Zhenguo Temple and Shuanglin Temple, was listed on the World Heritage List. Zhenguo Temple, formerly known as the capital of the temple, the Ming Dynasty Jiajing years renamed the town of Temple, extended so far. Temple before and after the two courtyards, the front yard built mountain gate and the left and right bells and drums on the second floor, the middle of the hall is also known as the three million Buddhist temple, the backyard East for the Goddess of Mercy Temple, the West to the Tibetan temple, each for five Three Buddhist temple. (Visit time is about 1.5 hours)
10:00 drive to Qiao Family Courtyard (about 30 minutes by car)

Qiao family compound introduction
Qiao family compound for the closed castle-style buildings, construction area of ​​4175 square meters, divided into six large courtyard, 20 small courtyard, 313 houses. Looking at the layout of the hospital rigorous, compact design, overlooking the "Happiness" shape, architectural sophistication, brick running, Seiko fine do, brackets cornices, color decoration gold, masonry, craftsmanship, fully demonstrated the working people of our superb buildings
The level of technology, was praised by experts and scholars as: "North residential building in the history of a bright pearl", so known as "the Royal Palace, the house to see Joe," said, at home and abroad. (Visit time is about 2 hours)
12:30 return to Pingyao, the end of the trip to send the ancient high-speed railway station (afternoon, dinner themselves)

Pingyao ancient city, Wang compound, Shuanglin Temple three-day tour
Travel days: 3 days and 2 nights
Attractions: a city to understand the city of Shanxi

D1 noon high-speed rail station group: drive to Shuanglin Temple (about 20 minutes by car)
Shuanglin Temple introduced
Shuanglin Temple, located in Pingyao City, Shanxi Province, six kilometers southwest of the bridge village, formerly known as "the temple", the Northern Song Dynasty Memorial Buddha Sakyamuni "double forest into the" said, changed to Shuanglin Temple. Rebuilt in the Northern Qiwu two years (AD 571). The whole temple to save more than 2000 statue of wood tiles clay, set Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing Cai plastic essence, which thousands of Buddhist temple Wei pack days known as the "China Wei pack crown" and was included in the "Chinese Art Daquan "Every year there are a lot of sculpture lovers to watch. (Visit time is about 1 hour) early, afternoon, dinner themselves

D2 early 8:30 set Pingyao ancient city wall - Pingyao Temple - Pingyao Temple
Introduction to the ancient city of Pingyao
Pingyao ancient city is located in the central province of Pingyao County, Shanxi Province, was built in the Western Zhou Dynasty period (BC 827 BC ~ 782 BC). Shanxi Pingyao is known as the "best preserved four ancient city" is one of China's only ancient city to declare the success of the world's cultural heritage of one of the two ancient cities. The ancient city of Pingyao is an outstanding example of the Chinese Han nationality city in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In the development of Chinese history, it shows a complete picture of the extraordinary culture, social, economic and religious development of the Han nationality.
12:00 Taste local specialties
14:00 Pingyao County Ya - Association Rongqing Zhuang - Risheng Chang ticket number - Escort
Dinner at their own expense

D3 After breakfast: drive to the Royal Courtyard (about 45 minutes by car)
Introduction of the Grand Family
Wang Family Courtyard is located in Lingshi County, Shanxi Province, 12 kilometers east of the historical and cultural town of China. From the world cultural heritage Pingyao ancient city 35 kilometers, Jiexiu Mianshan 4 kilometers.
Wang family courtyard is by the Shen Sheng Wang family by the Ming and Qing dynasties, calendar over 300 years of construction, including five Lane six fort a street, with a total area of ​​250,000 square meters, and is a Han cultural characteristics of the Museum of Architecture and Art The (Visit time about 2 hours)
11:30 return, the end of the trip to send high-speed railway station. (Lunch, dinner themselves)