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Pingyao ancient city, Shuanglin Temple - 1 day tour
Travel days: 1 day

Attractions: Pingyao ancient city of Shuanglin Temple or Zhenguo Temple.

D1: 8: 30am
Pingyao Temple - Rishengchang (China's first predecessor of modern banks)
Total 4 hours. (Including lunch)
After lunch, drive to Shuanglin Temple (about 30 minutes by car)
Shuanglin Temple, located in Pingyao City, Shanxi Province, six kilometers southwest of the bridge village, formerly known as "the temple", the Northern Song Dynasty Memorial Buddha Sakyamuni "double forest into the" said, changed to Shuanglin Temple. Rebuilt in the Northern Qiwu two years (AD 571). The whole temple to save more than 2000 statue of wood tiles clay, set Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing Cai plastic essence, which thousands of Buddhist temple Wei pack days known as the "China Wei pack Crown "and was included in the" Chinese Art Daquan "Every year there are a lot of sculpture lovers to watch. (Visit time is about 2 hours)
We will return by 17: 00, the end of the trip.