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History of Dragon Boat Festival

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Do you remember those traditional customs of the Dragon Boat Festival?
Dragon Boat Festival is the spring and early summer the most grand festival, with more than 2,000 years of history. Every day, every household should be hanging Zhong Kui like, hanging Ai Ye calamus, race dragon boat, eat dumplings, drink male rice wine, travel all diseases, wear sachets, prepare livestock and wine, the whole family together holiday festival. This day for the Chinese people to mark the taste.

Speaking of the Dragon Boat Festival, the most impressed by the grass is to eat dumplings. Although usually dumplings also to buy, but the day of the Dragon Boat Festival dumplings are grandmother personally wrapped, extra fragrance, the Dragon Boat Festival for the Baicao Jun, is the taste of love.
Dragon Boat Festival this day to eat dumplings have a lot of good meaning. Dumplings and homonyms, "neutron", with the meaning of Takako. Dragon Boat Festival also eat "high school" meaning, in the college entrance examination to send children dumplings, wish the gold list title, to enhance the academic test. So, the Dragon Boat Festival day to eat a good dumplings, so good luck to accompany you for a whole year.

Cicadas, birds call, pomegranate flower bright glowing burning eyes. Zongye and glutinous rice fragrance, bring a different kind of satisfaction. The aroma of the grass is accompanied by a breeze, and it is a good night.
Dragon Boat Festival, which is a taste with a memory of the festival, the Song Dynasty poet Zhang Lei Zeng Road, "small group of ice-soaked sugar wrapped, there are transparent angle pine pine and".
Childhood memorable scenes always in the jujube tree, grandmother side out of a pot of soaked Jiangmi, aunt and aunt side to send a good dumpling leaves. Adults to Zongye tightly surrounded by a beautiful triangle, inside the irrigation rice, pressure on a few dates, or put a spoonful of bean paste. Wrapped dumplings are tied to different colors of the rope, which marked the plain white, which is bacon, which is red dates.

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