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Story of one of China's four major vinegar

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Shanxi old vinegar is one of China's four major vinegar, its production has been more than 300 years of history, known as "the best in the world vinegar" reputation. Shanxi old vinegar to color, fragrance, alcohol, thick, acid five characteristics known to the world.

Vinegar ancient called acyl, also known as health. "Zhou Li" has "acylcite commonar" records, we can see, we have brewing vinegar in the Western Zhou Dynasty. Jinyang (now Taiyuan) is the birthplace of China's vinegar, known as the eighth century BC Jinyang has vinegar Square, the Spring and Autumn period has been all over urban and rural areas, to the Northern Wei Dynasty, "Qi Min Yao Shu" recorded a total of twenty-two kinds of vinegar method. At that time, vinegar, vinegar has become a major topic in Shanxi life. "Compendium of Materia Medica" and many other ancient books on the vinegar records, folk circulating a lot of things about the vinegar. After the Tang and Song dynasties, due to the progress and development of microbes and mosaic technology, to the Ming Dynasty has Daqu, ditty song and red song of the points, Shanxi vinegar to the heart for the vinegar song, the song set song, ditty song, Beneficial microbial population as a whole, the late Ming Dynasty due to change part of the white vinegar for the vinegar, its flavor greatly increased, later known as the warm method of vinegar. Qing Shunzhi the first year (1644), change the vinegar aging process for the "Xia Fu sun, winter ice", the formation of Shanxi vinegar unique taste, and the product name for the old vinegar. The late famous microbiologist Mr. Fang Xinfang, as early as the twentieth century, the 1930s on the old vinegar in Shanxi technology has been summed up and affirmed, he published in the "Yellow Sea" magazine pointed out: "Shanxi old vinegar fermentation temperature up to More than 40 ℃, the fatty acid bacteria, lactic acid bacteria will play a role in the smell of vinegar can only prove that bacteria outside the role of bacteria. "And" China has four famous vinegar, the first to push the old Shanxi vinegar. " The late famous biologist Mr. Chen Ju sound in a variety of works clearly pointed out: "Shanxi old vinegar is the most famous vinegar in northern China."

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Our ancestors first use the acidic condiment for the "plum", because plum is not all year round, so plum sauce, the ancient name "acyl". The use of plum, than vinegar as early as a thousand years. "Shangshu, said life" in the records, see the text in the 16th century BC, but the actual application of the time much earlier.

Shanxi old vinegar is one of China's four major vinegar, its production has been more than 3,000 years of history, the whole of Shanxi large and small vinegar production enterprises have more than 1,000. Known as China's four famous vinegar of Shanxi old vinegar with its cotton, acid, fragrant, sweet, alcohol's unique flavor and long brewing history smoked in the domestic ranking Zhenjiang vinegar, Pauling vinegar and Fujian red yeast vinegar, known In the world. Known as "the best in the world vinegar" reputation. According to statistics, the first quarter of this year, Shanxi, the export volume of old vinegar has reached more than half of the total amount last year, and by the excellent quality, full access to the Japanese market and sold to more than 10 countries in Europe and Asia.