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Feeling the ancient city

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Everyone said Pingyao is an old city, authentic and antique, suround by gray square wall... ... but what kind of an old city Pingyao is?
The ancient walls, it is the generous chest of Pingyao.

The tile is gray, the brick is gray, the stone road is gray, and even the grass in the tile is gray.Everything is so harmonious, natural, simple, is a light ink painting.Seven hundred years of cultural cultivation into the unique charm of the ancient city.

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Each brick,tile,door and wall, are firmly pulling your line of sight, pulling your thoughts, let you through that place everywhere, a museum, think about your situation

This ancient city is modeled on the pattern of the temples on the back of the turtle. Open and friendly. No doubt, this city has broad mind, with a broad vision. So the city is so attractive and rich.

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